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Watch this first.

...What the hell is that?

Why in the hell is adam lambert posing as dante?

Im sorry, some things you just dont do to a series, and this, this is one of them.
I think the game looks sweet. I'm not crazy about the hair either, but I'm not going to let it ruin the game for me.
I like the darker and seemingly more adult style...but what the fuck that clearly isn't Dante.

You thought cole looking younger and fresher in infamous 2 was a joke, someone explain this to me.
Smh, they screwed him over on this one. I'm going to wait on my dislike for him. Maybe something happened that changed his hair color in the story but I doubt it seeing that it wasn't only his hair that changed. =/
My question is; who the hell is Adam Lambert?
Game still looks cool to me. And I will buy it regardless.
Fucking terrible redesign. It gets even better when you find out the new Dante looks exactly like the lead art director of the game. Capcom forums are a warzone right now, and Ninja Theory pretty much turned their forums off. I think it may be likely Capcom will force them to make him look like Dante again.

Game is going to suck huge balls anyways, it's being made by Ninja Theory. Why Capcom would give one of their flagship series to that shitty developer I don't even know.
this is a Devil May Cry Reboot sono it is not Devil Mary Cry 5 its a reboot.
Ryuk25 wrote:
this is a Devil May Cry Reboot sono it is not Devil Mary Cry 5 its a reboot.

They said it's a prequel at first and as the rage built up they said it was a reboot to try and justify the new crappy style. Even Japan, and the original creator is hating this shit.

I don't understand how Capcom thought this was a good idea, or that there somehow wouldn't be massive fan outrage over it.
I think today...the Devil really did cry Yeeeeeaaaaah
what the fuck did they do...everything changed.

That's really all there is to say.
I lol'd.
Everything changed but duh,...i like it wut, lets just wait to see the game, maybe you guys just figuring how it will be looking at the trailer =/ maybe vergil will appear or something alike, or his hair changes at the final(to white)