I know I promised ACWraith some news over this weekend about The Blades of Litamora, but I didn't get to work as much as I would have liked on the game, so I don't have much news at all.

For those of you who don't know, The Blades of Litamora is my second Cartridge Classic II entry.

It's going to be a strategy/RPG where you are the leader of a band of mercenaries on the quest for fame and glory.

The combat will be similar to's "Fortay" or Leftley's "Champions of Vargacet". There will also be character progression for each of the mercenaries you hire.

Stuff that's planned:
- 150+ items (101 items currently implemented)
- 59 enemies
- 5 locations: The Asilduran Forests, The Tenel'darun Wastelands, The Isles of Darsan, The Capital of Tsarigath, and The Obsidian Peak.

So, on a closing note...

"Hah! So I haven't heard o' ye either! Listen. There ain't a warrior here who's stupid enough ter risk his life for jus anybody. Speshully chums like ye who ain't got a name fer imself!"
The black on light yellow is good for text, but may I suggest using a yellow average from background for the equipment slots? I think it would make the text/buttons stand out more and be less distracting for the eyes.

(The highlighted object might look good with a black background though. It would provide more contrast with the yellow than the white does.)
Looking good.