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Made in just two hours, here's my entry. It even has yellow haired ninjas!

Either way, I had so much more planned for it. I was hoping to get in:

-Lasers that used realtime line drawing
-Other weapons that aren't lasers
-More enemies
-Better everything (I threw the actual game together really quickly; the engine took most of my time)

EDIT: Actually, I lied, it took 3 hours; I thought it was 10 PM, not 11!
Link or hub?
click "here's"
Me like.
funny... the only thing I could think of after his initial post was Ninja games...

:| Especially... games which involved something that resembled a Ninja but it wore a large kooky mask during the whole adventure until the end... where he revealed himself to be... a NINJA!!!

HAW... yes... youuuu nooo expects meee... I know... cause I... NINJA!!!