So basically I want to work on Ultra Strife yet due to a separation from the project a bit I don't exactly know all of the kinks in the system. The last hosting session was pretty lacking to say the least (*coughONEplayercough*) despite hosting for a few hours but luckily I'm not too discouraged. With that being said, I'm gonna allow downloading of Ultra Strife; which may or may not help in the long run but SOMETHING has to be done with the project rather than to just let it digitally waste away in it's folder never to be touched again... Here's the lowdown:

YES it is in alpha.
NO there is no administration within the game except for a bit of anti spam protection
YES you will get a medal for "testing" it

So yeah people, help me help you have something to play...That's all for now; appreciate it.

Check it out here...

Most importantly of all though, feedback; whether here or the game's forums..
Ultra Strife has been added to BYOND Strategy and will be at the top of today's Tech Tree. Sorry for the delay!