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Poll: Who would win in a fight? (Check post for details)

Demolition Droid (Proelium II) 55% (21)
Paradise City Gunman (Paradise City) 44% (17)

The polls are now closed.


A Demolition Droid from Proelium II has been shoved into a battle field with a Gunman from Paradise City. Paradise City is one hard-core place, so you'd think the gunmen there are pretty tough; but will he be taken down by a Demolition Droid built for the battles of the future? You decide who will win the fierce battle! Vote in the poll above for who think think will win. Don't know one or both of the characters? Try their games by clicking on the corresponding pictures!
Last Character Battle, we had a Yellow Block from WarBlox against a Thief from Thieves. The battle was fierce as always, but the Thief came out on top of the Yellow Block in the end.

Congratulations, Thief!

There are many more battles to face before the end. Who will come out on top?
This is a very witty set of articles. I like this.
Feval never should have won over Alea.
The Demolition Droid would take all the bullets. Then he'd walk over, and pull a Wtrbooger on that foolish gunman.
Airjoe wrote:
Feval never should have won over Alea.

It was really close. I was personally biased towards Alea myself, but in the end I had to stay true to my word so Feval won.

Demolition Droid