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Poll: What would you like to see more of from BYOND Journalism?

Interviews 22% (11)
Articles 18% (9)
Reviews 26% (13)
Art (Comics, Short Stories, etc) 30% (15)
Other (Give Your Suggestion) 2% (1)

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BYOND Weekly is back with a poll this week! We'd like to ask the readers what they would like to see more of from BYOND Journalism. Do you want to see more interviews of interesting BYONDers? Perhaps you'd like some articles on different things dealing with BYOND. We've done a couple reviews in the past, would you like to see more of those? Perhaps you'd like something a little different such as something a little artsy like comics, short stories, maybe even poetry. Maybe you have something else in mind. Vote for whatever you'd like to see more of! If you choose "Other", I ask that you please give your suggestion in the comments below. On with Weekly!

On The Front Page

Game In A Day 2010!

Is over! Yes, the deadline was passed awhile ago for this year's Game In A Day contest hosted by IainPeregrine. As usual, a few themes were chosen for people to follow by for their game-in-a-day. The themes for this year were definitely interesting and potentially fun! They were NOT Ninjas, Metamorphosis, and Base. There were quite a few posts on people who planned to take part in the GIAD for this year, but some did drop out by the end. Iain claims that he'll be finished with the results in two weeks, and hopefully he'll stay true to that this time around.

In Other News

Maximus_Alex2003's Article of Advice

Maximus_Alex wrote an article in his blog on advice he wants to give the BYOND community dealing with programming and the BYOND site. The idea of the entire article was about BYOND as a site and and what to/not to do. He elaborated on some things he believed to be good programming practices and also things dealing with using other resources in your projects. He talked also about commenting and posting things around the BYOND site. Overall, the article was well accepted by the BYOND community; I suggest you check it out!

ACWraith's Progress

ACWraith wrote up a blog post about his new game, Fused Finale. He gave some updates for this version 3 of the game.

In other ACWraith news, he wrote a blog post about another redesign of StarScurrier. He talks about lowering the turn cycle phases and outlines a lot of other major changes to the game. Click the link to see more!

Eternia: Finally under some solid development?

Eternia, a new RPG that KhaosParadox has been talking about for awhile, seems to finally be under some good development after a long hunt for a programmer. According to his latest post, Eternia is now under the development of Shadowdarke. The pixel art has always been an attraction for many people, but now that they have a good programmer working on it, I certainly hope to see it go somewhere! The post also shows some recent artwork for the RPG.

The Blades of Litamora

D4RK3 54B3R gave some information on Blades of Litamora, one of his Cartridge Classic II entries, by request of ACWraith. He says it will be a strategy/RPG with gameplay similar to Fortay. He gave some information on what's planned in some aspects. D4RK3 also showed off a very attractive screenshot of what appears to be one of the game's shops.

Hazordhu II

F0lak wrote a blog post about Hazordhu II, one of the few sucessful RP (Role-Playing) games around BYOND, and how it's evolved over time. He talked a bit about the origins of the game and how far it's gone. F0lak gave some information on their recent focuses for Haz II, such as the new title screen. The new title screen features a moving camera which shows the player the landscape and attempts to give them a good first impression of the game (and can often just look better than a still title screen). He also gave minor information on an upcoming Halloween event for Hazordhu II!

Pandora Productions needs a pixel artist

Pandora Productions wrote a blog post talking about the need for an "icon artist". The laid out some criteria for being hired as their artist. They never said anything about what was required of the artist or why they needed one, but if you're interested then contact them about it! All the information you need is in the link above or the link in the picture.

Kajika's Updates

Kajika wrote an update post for what he's been doing (or rather, not doing). The post was mainly about Duel Monsters Online and how he's been unable to work on it due to various reasons. He did, however, say that he's set a date to have the game up. He's even written out "a huge sheet of paper taped to [his] wall outlining a progress roadmap."

Poplava Resource Center 2.0

Poplava released version 2.0 of his resource center. He gave some statistics about how the resource center has been doing such as the total users that have been on it, total submissions, and the total earnings of the resource center. He highlights the changes in version 2.0 as well. Check it out!

NEStalgia's Tournaments

NEStalgia has certainly been consistent with the weekly tournaments. Always a good thing to see a BYOND game keeping up with things like that! The last tournament was Friday, so it changes a bit. It seems to always be on the "weekend", however. If you want to take part in the next tournament, you'll probably want to be sure to stay up-to-date with the Silk Games blog.

The Big Five

BYOND Action

I just today submitted the latest Character Battle! for BYOND Action. It's only submitted, though, so I'm waiting for someone to accept it. I'm sure you'll see it up soon! This Character Battle is Proelium II's Demolition Droid versus a Paradise City Gunman. Should be exciting!


No news for this week.

BYOND Casual

BYOND Casual's Imagination Contest has now ended. It ended last week Tuesday, so hopefully Tiberath will give the results of the contest soon. Tiberath said there were ten entries that he counted.


No news except that Mikau is still doing a pretty good job of updating the front page of the BYOND RPG site with the latest news. I suggest you check out the BYOND RPG front page every once in awhile to see what's new!

BYOND Strategy

Have you checked out ACWraith's weekly BYOND Strategy update post, Along The Tech Tree? If not, I suggest you do! It gives you everything you need to know about what's going on around the BYOND Strategy guild!

This issue of BYOND Weekly is brought to you by National Parks

Thanks, National Parks!

BYOND Journalism is still waiting for people to step out and submit some stuff to the guild. If you like one of the things in the poll above and think it's a good idea, maybe you should try to make one yourself! We need the help! The purpose of BYOND Journalism is for the community to contribute whatever they see fit, not just a couple select people. So if you have an idea, please make something and submit it no matter how crazy you may think it is. Until next week!
Other note, 2 interviews this week. Axerob (if he replies my questions and does the follow ups timely) and KhaosParadox.
leave the comics to b&wagon
I'd love to see Journalism review some of the games here on BYOND.
Avenged Charlie wrote:
leave the comics to b&wagon

Sounds like a good idea if they were ever posted. We would post "filter friendly" ones. If we do have some comics. I actually want to go by Tom on what is "filter friendly".
It should be common sense as to what would be an appropriate comic and what wouldn't be. I personally wouldn't want anything related to BYOND Drama, and it's especially important that the comic wouldn't offend people. Humor doesn't have to be offensive, overall rude, dirty, etc. to be funny. It could even be a serious comic too. Maybe a sprite comic that tells a story, or your own story with your own drawings.
Wow, totally didn't expect my article to be shown anywhere.
Funny Video of the Week!
Possibly not a bad idea. I'm not a big youtube guy though. I watch videos people send me, but don't seek them out myself.
Fugsnarf wrote:
Possibly not a bad idea. I'm not a big youtube guy though. I watch videos people send me, but don't seek them out myself.

I know of several videos? I don't know if I've got the time. Also, I have a bent sense of humor so... Yeah.. If it were just one a week though could get several weeks done in one day.