My newest project, Naruto: Shinobi World Online will be undergoing public testing soon! A new fun non-rip pvp Naruto game! Tons of features will be available with the full release of this game. All help from testers will be appreciated! Come and try it, you might find a new favorite game! Add This to your pager to know when it is online:

- Screenshots will be available soon!

- New features added frequently to help testing run smoothly

- Invite your friends! The more players, the funner the action becomes!

- Post suggestions, tips, or just talk about the game here!

- And please read the in-game guide if you want to learn how to play. Most people ignore it then become confused and never learn how to play.

-Thanks! ^_^V
I tested it,its fuckin awesome FUCKIN AWESOME
It's really cool dude, can't wait until you finish ^.^
Linkman712 wrote:
It's really cool dude, can't wait until you finish ^.^

Lol, thanks guys! I haven't hosted again yet due to school and soccer games, but it will be back up and running soon!
Dude you have a game???
Yeah, you didn't know?
Let me host 24/7 please...I have a great shell.
Sure, I have no problem with that- I just want to complete a more updated version 1st.
Keep me at the top of the list xD ...
Lol, kk I think that's possible.
nu, I'm at the top D:
O_o..Oh yeah. XD I completely forgot.

I need to make a list or
Alright. I'll give the host files out as soon as I get to an update that makes us of all the features I plan to implement.
Great ...server wars...Well i have a shell+my gaming computer with an insane connection.
Lol. I'm sorry about this problem.. I'll send u the files Seanleonartes as soon as I get to a fully operational game version. & Linkman- lol I'll get 2 u.
Hurry up i MISS this game xD...Even though its incomplete i still want to play it!
Lol! Kk.. I'll host it as soon as I get time, most likely tomorrow
Host it xD!!!
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