I'm about to! Lol just fixing a couple things.
I NEED it xD!!!!!
XD!! Something came up >_<' so I couldn't host today.. I'll host as soon a possible!!
Host!Or let me do it...
I'll be able to host tomorrow! ^_^
*waits for the hostin*
Host or murders will occur =.=
Omfg... Please forgive me guys! >_<'

Something came up and I had to leave. I'm 100% sure I can host after school tomorrow..
O_O' Nuuuuuu!!!
Lol. I have made a few changes in the time the game has been down though^*
MURDERRRRRRR >:O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ish one of these changes, by any chance, Bijuu? XD Btw, I had a great idea today. So if you kill a bijuu, you should be able to examine it and get its powahz. Just a thought :3
Bijuu.. No not yet. That's a bigger update. I made a new system and changed a few current systems. And yeah the examine part is nice. That fits well^^ I'll consider that as well. Made a new jutsu too! But, I also need to wipe...so yeah. Lol- I'll be hosting in a sec.
Host before i murder you all o_o *STARE*
XD, Lol, starting Dream Daemon
*Begins sharpening blades*
*Stares* ...You got a purty mouth ....
O_o...Lol. It's up!
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