Ranks are gonna be beeeaasssttlllyy
Yep. Next update is missions and ranks.
Im totally your favorite player ...Right?...*Pulls out a blade*Lets put a smile on that face!
<---- LSS. Legendary Super Sharingan! XD I always get Mangekyou before anyone else even gets 3 tomoe, and I can boost my village power up in no time flat cause I know how ta use jutsus and when to use them :P
*Byakugan*...*pokes eyes* HA KICKED YO BUTT!
*uses tsukiyomi to make him think his attempt was succesful, then pwns him* lolwut?
*Uses chakra field of vision to KNOW WHERE TO STRIKE and...*POKES EYES!**Sealed BWUAHAHAHAHA *beats the crap out of him next.
*suddenly disappears in a puff of smoke, the clone Sean had beat up exiting existance. Behind Sean, the real him struck, nubbily spamming flame bullets and shouting "pwnt" repeatedly.*
* Uses Kamui and sucks both of them in* Ha! owned.
Well, sonofa-
O.o *does random crap* Woot >:D
*can't wait til the game is finished enough to 24/7 host* :D
Idea; I hadz it.

So what I think is that the Taijutsu Specialist is OP, and even more so when they get a doujutsu. So, here's what I think would be a cool idea to rebalance these -and many other- aspects of the game.

First of all, a new clan known as the "non-clan". Non-clans don't get any clan abilities of any sort, or any kind of power boost. Instead, the non-clan has the ability to take a Doujutsu from a dead Hyuuga/Uchiha, and is also the only clan with the ability to randomly gain a Bijuu from the start (low chance, lookin' at 5-10%). They can also choose two traits, but that's it. Otherwise, the non-clan lacks in areas many clans have, such as strong clan-attacks and quick-to-learn fatal jutsu. I hope you take it into consideration! ^.^
I would be 24/7 host i love warriors
I have a 24/7 lagless shell server.30$/month paid for...I can host for you.
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