I have a 24/7 lagless port that's on my computer and is 100% free. :D
I didnt say hed be paying for it i am.
Check out the pics on the hub >.>
If you are wondering about the status of the game because it hasn't been up in a while, there is no reason to worry! I am remodeling and creating many new systems for an overall better game! Many new things have been added, as well as new jutsus, clans, abilities, and hidden things. Once the game goes live again, it will be basically bug-free and complete- due to the amount of closed testing my sister and I are preforming. Not to worry SWO fans, the game is on it's way back!- This time, for greatness.
Can I test with u and your sis u remember me right? well please invite me u are testing
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