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Hello, BYOND Action! I'm here to tell you about my newest game and let you know what's in store for it!

Ninja Team is a game based as much on strategy and tact as it is on action. Players take control of one of four members of an elite ninja team in order to reach the bottom of a dungeon to recover a scroll for their master. Each member of the team has unique traits necessary to complete the mission.

Red is the teams leader. He takes care of his team and is the one they rely on to get through doors.
Heal Team-mates
Auto recovery (30 seconds after being KO'd)
Pull Levers

Blue is the teams scout and a master of stealth. He excels at slithering past guards and enemies and is capable of quick and discrete assassinations.
Disguise (Steal a KO'd enemies appearance)
Hide in barrels

Gray is the gentle one of the team, but at the same time the strongest one of the bunch. He doesn't kill, only KO's his enemies, and is able to take on the strongest opponents head-on.
Block Enemy (Gray can block enemies from the front)
KO (Gray can KO enemies, so Blue can take the disguise)

Green is the master of traps. He is able to detect and disarm all manner of trap the team encounters.
Detect Trap
Disarm Trap

Now that we've met the team, I'll let you in on a few details for the project thus far.

Ninja Team was created originally as my Game in a Day submission. Since then I've fixed bugs and done internal optimization on the source in order to prepare it as a solid base from which to build up from. Currently in the game is the original 5 level dungeon which was submitted for my GiaD. In the future there will be two game modes: Story, and Arcade. Story mode will be a series of levels with an accompanying story arc in order to introduce the player to the team, and their abilities as well as set the tone for the game itself. Arcade mode would feature an endless dungeon in which the goal is to get as far as you can: Great for playing with friends!

The game is done in a classic 8-bit style, and features original sound effects and music created by Eksadus All of the graphics and programming for the game were done by me for the GiaD contest. It's available for download on its hub and you can play by yourself or on a server with up to 4 players.

So, without further adieu, I bid you to check out Ninja Team. You wont be disappointed!
Sounds awesome! I'll have to try it out.

PS. Gray Ninja. :)
I call Michelangelo!

Edit: Won't this be disqualified for having ninjas in it? The theme was not ninjas.
I did my GiaD the week after everyone else did. I was one of the later entrants. As such, I had different themes. The theme used for this game was 'Group'.
F0lak wrote:
I did my GiaD the week after everyone else did. I was one of the later entrants. As such, I had different themes. The theme used for this game was 'Group'.

Fair enough. Looks like it's be a fun game to play with a few friends, I'll have to try it out some time.
Glad to see fun games are still being created, nice job!
Great game!