Our first "game" assignment in my Game Programming Fundamentals class: Pong!

Here's what I ended up with:

dc_Pong (800kb)

See how fast you can get the ball moving!

I was hoping to have time to add powerups, like multiples balls at once, but I need to sleep at some point.

Sorry for the large file size for a pong game ;)

If you find any bugs, DON'T TELL ME! :P
I'd rather be blissfully unaware in this case.

Also, whiles I was doing Pong research, I found this:
Haha, I remember when I had to create pong in my Computer Science class, gotta love highschool.

I had this terrible bug where when hit at some angle, the speed would sky rocket and not slow down. Another bug I had was when I tried to incorporate some power-ups. I wanted to create one that made the ball oscillate. Went terrible.. Haha.

Ill be giving it a try soon. If I don't comment back, its because its either not bad, or so many bugs that I'd rather leave you blissful. Haha :P

Reminds me of when we had to make a oldschool battletanks clone in Java. With sprites and everything.
We did something like pong, but without the paddles at college. Our assignment is a 3D frogger though :D. Still got a while till we get to the assignment though, I still have 5 tutorials to go through D:. Do you by chance use DarkGDK in C++? Or is it just us? Lol.

EDIT - Please note that this is Darkoro. The idiot that forgot to sign out of his groups account before posting elsewhere. -.-