Coolman1250 wrote:
I'm pretty sure it's fair. Since people have to pay $5-6 for a subscription.

Plus, Iain even said if you don't play it casually, then you're better off buying a subscription to increase the gameplay.

I can see why then, so if I can get some extra money Ill probably subscribe, cause I really like this game.

If you don't mind sharing, how many people have subscribed to this game so far, Iain? A rough estimate would be great if you're not too sure. :)
All of the new screenshots that were uploaded are either too small or blurry. D:
One of the best co-op experiences I've had in a long time.
This game is amazing, BYOND needs more games like this. Keep up the good work.
Get a group of friends playing and this game is EPIC FUN! Also.... BERRIES.
Amazing Game! Byfar one of the most addicting games i've played on byond.
Iocamus wrote:
Amazing Game! Byfar one of the most addicting games i've played on byond.

I second that, great game, Iain. :)

Addicting. Exciting. Awesome.
Pretty cool awesome casual rpg game :D
Very addicting, and it's worth subscribing.
The most fun game on BYOND.
If you like any of the old 2D Zelda (or Zelda-like) games, you will love this for sure. If you don't - well, try it anyways. There's no grinding involved, everyone starts off just the same (more or less).
Fugsnarf wrote:
The most fun game on BYOND.

mos def
I apologize for my server not being up, been having some internet/port errors lately. But it's back up.
Hosting 24/7 for the next week.

(Also, where do you get your icons? Do you make them all? Does someone make them for you?)
I make all my graphics. Why do you ask?
I just really enjoy them! I'm contemplating making a game using a similar graphics style and was wondering who the artist was :D

These are very good (imo) where/how did you learn this style?

EDIT: Also, I don't know where/if you take suggestions... But me and some of the players were talking and I had to leave... A swap class option would be nice, for swaping out/swaping roles in general.
Great game.
Servers down for a few hours this day. They are filming at my apt so I had to shut stuff down and move it about.
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