*Types long blog/message in 1337 speak... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA*


Anyway, my blog is unpopular, probably because I post once every... millennia? But oh well, I have zilch else to do right now. Yeah, I said "zilch".

First up, Wyllshire Road should be getting an update soon. For those fans out there! What's coming up next? Honestly, I have no clue. But whatever it is, it'll be good. I posted a few ideas in the discuss section of the hub. Feel free to browse those, or post some more suggestions here. I'm not really sure if I want to update as in add new content, or update as in further make what's already in concrete. Adding more content sounds more fun/better. I mean once everything's done it would be better to go back and redo everything then right? I mean the game -is- supposed to have a sort of storyline (but more on that another day) to follow throughout the stages. But there are only 2 at the moment so obviously, there can't be much a story with that.

Further news, Bleach is back up. That's all I'm going to say. Nothing special about it, but fair to at least tell the... "world"

On to other pressing matters, Batman is dead! No, umm, I was thinking... BYOND Strategy is so kind and has a nice weekly(?) blog, which I have been mentioned in. And it makes me feel all tingly inside, so I should do more to get into that blog! AN RTS YOU SAY? WHY NOT. I haven't decided to do one, but a nice starcraft STYLE (Note: STYLE, not a clone or based on starcraft...) one sounds fun. Problem is graphics, so who knows if I'll get bored enough, or maybe I'll just release it with ugly fat icons or stick figures.

Anywho, that's all for now. I should totally start a weekly blog!
Well, I have naught to do right now.
I have nil to do right now.
I'm the best Dodgeball Online player on BYOND.