by Acebloke
The next chapter
Tonight I give you a mini Wargames 2 Update. This isn't really a major change, but rather making the current version a bit more playable. The changes have come about mostly thanks to NarutoRocks3000 hosting a quick game which highlighted some gameplay issues. New Research included are exclusively Improvements based.

The game has been optimised slightly, hopefully leading to a late/big game speed up. Tracks have now been altered to only give 0.5 gold, while a Roman Road will give its original 1 gold. Tracks can also only be built on grass based tiles, while Roman Roads can be built on desert based tiles as well.

The Actual brand new features includes the Research tab going red when you aren't researching anything, showing your wasting points every turn doing nothing. While the interface hasn't changed, it does include at least this time the main resources in your country such as your Gold, Food, Wood, Metal and totally unusable in this version Oil and Uranium.

Finally, Units have a border as part of their underlay to display alternate colours (your nation's border colour) for easier identification. The Beta D html file also includes a very basic quick help guide which it lacked before.

New Features:

* The Research tab will go red if no research is currently being performed, to help cut the chances of missing out.
* Units are displayed by the colour of the nations borders with a box in its underlay.
* Nation resources displayed on-screen in a simple interface.

New Research:

* Ringwall, Copper Age research improves wall defence.
* Plough, Romanic Age research improves irrigation food production.
* Roman Wall, Romanic Age research, improves roads (tracks), can be built on desert tiles, provides 1 gold (see tracks).

Other Changes:

* Command box is used for say only, might as well.
* Code optimisation, may run faster.
* Tracks can now only be built upon grass tiles, and only provide 0.5 gold.
* Tracks and Wall Worker command icon changes as you upgrade.


If all goes well, Expect SurviveThis update out tomorrow. Expect Exploder update sometime in Early November if not before. Expect Wargames update sometime in November or December. Till next time.