"Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth." --Albert Einstein

He really was a "genise".
Uh, no. Einstein couldn't even get his head round quantum physics- I can, and I don't even go to school!
Einstein owned you all... >_>
Where do I see your name in the history books?

Did you make up a category of math all in its own?

Did you figure out how fast light travels?

Did you figure out what makes up energy?

Did you figure out the theory that time and space are as a fabric?


Elation: Einstein understood quantum physics, he just thought it was absurd.
You're all forgetting the best thing about Einstein.

He had static balloon hair.
The snow on the roof is too heavy - the ceiling will cave in - his brains are in terrible danger!

--River, Firefly (talking about Book's suddenly-Einstein-ish hair)
Heh, too bad I missed most episodes. I did catch the movie.