Not Feasible
Applies to:DM Language
Status: Not Feasible

Implementing this feature is not possible now or in the foreseeable future
Well i was thinking, if we can change all screen client view, why we can't change an obj/turf view.


view = 6 // This changes all player screen view but...

src.view = 3 // We're changing the view of the tree for the player!

I think this can give more realistic effects to "Stairs". :0
What are you talking about?
If you mean setting the view on an atom determines how far away its visible, that's actually a pretty good idea, and I can think of a handful of interesting uses for it off the top of my head. Though, I would recommend a new variable for it, not re-using view. Maybe draw_dist or something.
If not, then I have no clue what you're talking about.
Exactly. You explained it better o.O.

Yeah, how far it's visible. It's like you're in the stair and you going up, the object should be going away.
Other Example:

view = 7

icon_state = "Tree"

for(var/turf/tree/A in oview(usr))
A.draw_dist++ // Let's make it go away

It's a crappy code. Obviously. But, it's only an example.
Turning up the draw_distance would make it visible from further away. Plus, that would apply the effect to all players, so you wouldn't want to change it like that.
You would just do something like making the draw_distance=3, then the stairs 3 "tall" so when you got up them the stuff downstairs would disappear.
There could be a separate mob/var that determines how far away you can see each atom type, for an effect like what you posted.
Hm, like for HU2, when flying you do draw_dist. That gives more effect.

But the thing is, if it's possible to make it a player effect. Only the player going up in the stairs can see it.

Let me explain it better if don't understand. Eh.
Ter13 resolved issue (Not Feasible)
Could do this yourself by turning the object invisible, and visible if a player is detected within a certain range of the object.