Congratulations kids, free cavities!

So, apparently (as usual) I'm going to have to do all ze work in all games I do. Grouping seems to work fine, but after the high of "OMG THIS IS GONNA BE AWESOME" people slack. And I mean really slack. Like I slack, but I get sh*t done fast, so I can afford to slack. Others... WELL LET'S JUST NOT GO THERE.

Anywho, guess what! Halloween, aside from candy we get slutty outfits from underage girls looking to throw us in jail! YEAH! I remember back when Halloween was innocent. Now its just another reason to get naked. Which would be fine if -adults- were involved. Personally, I don't think jail sounds fun. Although, it's not illegal to look.. since they're not actually naked. Time to go to the spy shop and buy some binocul-I mean no. Bad, Halloween is supposed to be about candy and fun!

Speaking of ghouls and ghosties. I guess I'll be updating Wyllshire Road solo for now. Which is fine, it's not a huge project. And it's got free reign as its not based on anything, I could go anywhere with it. Like to an alien invasion.... but don't worry, I won't go that far. Dishing out some new graphics might be a pain. But who knows, I mean I get bored and what better to cure boredom then working on a game!

Now let's get back to ranting. What is wrong with people? I do enjoy not having to do everything in a game (mainly sprites/icons). So why is it, no one decent is worth it? You find a decent icon artist, they constantly b*tch and moan for stuff in the game, they want to be uber and have it easy, or they're just d*cks and deserve to be banned. Then, if they're banned, they quit or do something stupid (as they have the icons they worked on for you, you can imagine how that could suck). I mean I seriously think I'm going to have to start assassinating people. Banning just doesn't fix problems like it used to. Either decision I make is the wrong one. Let them continue their terror, hurting my players. Or stop them, hurting any hope at a future update (cause I am soooo tired of doing icons). I've been doing icons that are just unappreciated for years now, which is my fault. And I can do 100x better now, problem is I'm tired from doing all the work on the games previously to want to do a whole overhauls worth. So I'm just screwed.

On the flip side, working solo allows me to not have to deal with the high school drama that is oh-too-many people's maturity level. That is 1 thing I do love about it. No noobs holding me back, just the wind in my hair and a game getting DONE. No "OH I WANT TO DO THIS INSTEAD NOW" or "NO IT SHOULD BE DONE THIS WAY" or "OMG I WANT STATZ NAO PLS". I love it, I get in the zone and have no interruptions. It's like being in a fast car, all by yourself, just speeding down a highway with no other cars around... Minus the epic car, speed and fresh air. But it's close!

Anyway, it was 2 AM, felt like saying "Happy Halloween" so I decided to make it via post. So, HAPPY HALLOWEEN BYOND and let the good times roll.

Oh, and stay away from the jail bait! I'm not bailing any of you out.
Trick or treat smell my feet, give me some thing good to eat :D
Ah man... The joys of solo development.

No team, no worries.

I would love to have a crew of developers, but I don't have the time to have the patience to seed through people who I feel are competent enough.
hey v its me death can i ask u for a favor will u plz make me aquad 3 captian thanks and can i get inner hollow thats all thx

You are a prime example of something pointed out in this blog post. Thanks, bye.

PS: Vinneh, I just so happened to look at your page and noticed "Games You Should Play."

//Exit, stage left.
Uhh G, is it okay if you get a server available for Dodgeball Online? I can host without host files, but please make it downloadable. HAPPY HALLOWEEN???!?!?!
Being solo is good except for the fact you suck at coding and iconning lol.
DarkLordKoji wrote:
Being solo is good except for the fact you suck at coding and iconning lol.

Uhhh, too bad no one agrees with you. Take your fat white trash ass and go fuck your mom, thats what your uncle did and so you were born. Thank you for your time, but your trolling is no longer necessary.
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