Keywords: f_damage, release
I have released the drop-in update of Flick's F_Damage library.

The update is available here:

The library provides the following improvements:
  • Blended icons are cached, resulting in a performance improvement for repeated calls of the same colour. My personal tests seem to suggest uncached calls take ~20 ms, and cached (repeated) calls take ~4 ms subsequently.
  • F_Damage will now attempt to centre the icon for any target pixel width and height, not just 32x32 pixel targets.

To install the library, simply download it via the pager or as a ZIP file, and in DreamMaker unselect Flick's F_Damage, and select Stephen001's F_Damage. It should be as simple as that.

If you have any issues, please report them to the issues list:

Once I have completed documentation updates and the error reporting and tracing functions, this will be pushed to a 1.0.0 release. A little time will be left for bug reporting and fixing before doing this.

What is F_Damage?
F_Damage is a library that allows a programmer to display "damage taken / healing done" text above a target atom's head, like in a lot of popular RPGs and classic Action games. The library was initially created by Flick, as a more functionally rich replacement of a similar library, S_Damage.

This F_Damage library is now maintained by Stephen001, with the aim of providing easy to integrate enhancements and personal support for bugs. Rest assured that this library is mature (used in many existing BYOND RPG projects), and will be maintained actively for some time to come, making it the preferred means of displaying damage stats on players / enemies.