Can't figure out whats wrong, but any website I go to it says, "The connection has timed out" at random times. Even when I play BYOND games, or any game, MSN Messenger, etc.. things time out and disconnect. I've cleaned registry, scanned for viruses, but can't seem to find the problem. Any ideas of a fix?
new router if this problem just started recently and if your router is old
My Clearwire does that sometime also. But I'm getting less since I upgraded.
sent you an e-mail bud.

type in :
ipconfig /flushdns

and also daylight savings time has come. make sure your clock and date are correct... Last year i had the same problem... looked at the date on my computer and it was reset to 2007 and it was 2009 currently xD
Don't know if that /flushdns thing worked.
Branks wrote:
Don't know if that /flushdns thing worked.

If you don't get anymore errors it worked. If not, buying a new modem might work.
Try a different browser. If both browsers have similiar toolbars installed, run the browser(s) in their resepective safemode and see what happens. If the problems go away, start disabling add-ons.

If the problem persists even while in safemode, suspect the router.If the problem is consistent, try by-passing the router. If its the router, try restoring factory defaults or looking for firmware upgrades. If that doesn't fix it, make sure your trying a different port in the router. If its not the router and being directly connected has the same problem, contact your ISP.

I had this problem a few months ago. Make sure that your internet settings are set to not use a proxy; in my case, a virus altered my proxy settings.
it has nothing to do with him needing a new router... "connection timed out" happens for a couple reasons, another one was stated by Jeff... Bad Internet settings in a Browser is a very common cause as well. If worse comes to worse and it's not a problem with his internet settings, clock, browser, proxy settings, dns, etc etc. Just restart your router... unplug and wait a bit, plug it back in. No need to rush and tell him to buy a new router... thats not the solution to everything and not always something that is needed :)

EDIT: If your still having problems just give permission and i'll add you on msn and walk you thru a couple solutions before you do anything along the lines of router buying or isp related stuff... Have a good night
Branks, first of all, ur gangsta~

Okay, these people are apparently all idiots that like to just throw around money like it grows on trees. We're going to need to know more information about how you're set up right now. Does your modem have a router built into it, or are you running off an external router plugged into a modem. Is it your own Internet connection, or are you on a public network(school)?

How are you connecting to the internet, are you running wireless? Have you installed any new network adapters recently(Hamachi)?

Buying a new modem or router is a last resort fix for the simple reason that, it's the most expensive fix. Why spend your money on a brand new router, only to find out that it wasn't your router, but a computer setting. Or even worse, that simply restoring your router to begin with can fix it.
Mikau wrote:
Buying a new modem or router is a last resort fix for the simple reason that, it's the most expensive fix.

Not to mention that it won't actually fix anything if its not router troubles.
Apparently it's a rundll32 virus or something. My dll file for it shows up as a page... which is odd. Anyhow, I can't detect it with Norton, so if anyone knows a removal tool, let me know. It messes with proxy settings and such..