So, how's everything been around these parts?

I think the last time I posted anything on BYOND (and that was just a post on Tiberath's forum) I mentioned that due to child number 2 being on the way, I wouldn't have much time for BYOND...

Well, child #2 (son #2) arrived safe and sound on August 3rd (I can't believe I didn't even stop by here to mention that) and has been every bit the handful that daddy expected (between him and his older brother, which turns 3 (!) this Sunday)

During this absence, I actually have visited the site a handful of times (even voted for my SkyWurm in the action game character tournament), but I've been refraining from posting anything... (I've also gotten a few e-mails from fans of my games, that I've read and not replied to, for fear of getting sucked back in before I was willing)

This post is mostly just a "yes, I'm still alive, and all is well" kind of deal for anyone who may care about that sort of thing...

It's also to mention that in the past few days, I actually fired up Dream Maker, and worked some more on Murder Mansion! If anyone remembers, my plans for the future of the game mostly consist of making more maps... Before my absence, I had been working on one in particular, but it was becoming a very intensive project (lots of icons, lots of details) and I think it was burning me out... So, I shelved that one, and moved on to some of the others on the List...

Anyways, I'm not going to be foolish enough to suggest a forthcoming update (who knows, it may be another year before I get anything really, but at least I'm working on it!

(Eventually, my other games will receive some attention, but that's much, much further down the road)
Why did Gamemakingdude hax your hub standings for Murder Mansion?
Shusuke1 wrote:
Why did Gamemakingdude hax your hub standings for Murder Mansion?

Cause Gamemakingdude has no life.
First Flick and now you. I see you still refuse to use punctuation marks like everyone else. :)
Well, I suppose this is enough to satisfy us, since we can't make you work, although that would be a good interior motive. Still happy to see everything is going fine and that you're alive.