The only game i have been able to find for linux is Urbanterror, google it, its actually pretty owange for a shooting game,. and if you cant find anything to play this one is the easiest to download. if you find any other games that run on linux please god tell me. preferabley mmorpg's
Google is your friend.
but google keeps giving me stupid ass games that either dont exist, or cant run on linux. and have a complicated way of not getting on a linux computer. google can eat my balls atm
Google is only as good as the user using it...
As for games, Battle of Wesnoth is one of the oft quoted good games available for linux, although I thought it was a bit boring back when I played a bit of it.

World of Goo is pretty ridiculously fun and there is a free demo available if I recall correctly.

I've heard decent things about Urban Terror as far as FPS goes, but I never played it myself. There's also Nexuiz (
I also like Alien Arena.
Guild wars works as well
WoW is working