Over the past week-and-a-day, I've written in-depth (or, moreso than prior) blog posts about my RPG's character classes, excluding the original set of four (mage, cleric, generalist, warrior). I felt like I should share these posts for those who don't actually follow my blog (and to let people know I'm not dead on development).
For those who aren't aware, each character can join a faction. When in a faction, each character has the chance to "upgrade" their class. I won't restate much (since everything is explained in more detail in the posts themselves), but I'll make a small list:

No-faction Upgrade
Antanian (normal human) Upgrade
Heniz (medieval rogues) Upgrade
Steffen (medieval knights) Upgrade
Rys (technology "gods") Upgrade
Fiyan (amazon) Upgrade
Nameless Ones (ancient magical civilization) Upgrade
The Rair (NPC) Upgrade

Please note, these are design concepts and are likely going to change slightly or completely when the actual classes are implemented. They're not actually in the game right now.

I'm always looking for critique, and I'll take it here, or on the posts themselves. Thanks!