Alrighty so basicly i'm writing this post to inform the community that Pokemon Redsteel is being worked on once again. By Mysterious Dome, Myself, and Mattzz. The development started a week prior to this post when I continually arsed Dome into re-creating PRS, so here we are almost a full week into production and the new PRS has already surpassed the old PRS by lightyears.
New to the game would be an updated Interface to adapt to the new designs in byond. Not only does the game look far better then before, but the functionality is far more superior than before. Aswell as these new visual's the game is also going under day by day updates, our goal is to finish PRS in at-most 2 months
If you want regular updates on the games development you can usually find Mysterious Dome and I on conversator and or on the pager.
Are you going to add new Pokemons ?? Like hitmonchan etc etc ? Aerodactyle, Gallade ?
Sorry, production ended when dome felt it no longer needed to be revived.
When will the game be up and running again?
hmm so is this game dead now?
Eh yes, I suppose dome lacked motivation, however at the time I was more then willing to work on the project and re-create the community.
Pokemon: Bluecobalttt.
Insects plx xD weeddle, caterpie, schyter, lediba, spinaraki, reracross. And the bests generation is only to 3, generations are the best until the 3rd, in my opnion sure.