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Recently, I've found myself back at work on my fun little BYOND project, MMA. A few of you may have caught the last post regarding what MMA happens to be, but if you haven't look here. I've been pouring a few hours everyday into pixel art and planning which is slowly putting me closer to having a groundwork to start programming upon. Also, I've been improving on some of the old pixel art as well.

(Top: The old arena. Below: The new style WIP)

Looking back at my design document has me rethinking a few aspects of how I had planned things to work. For example, I have:
"Scavenging. Players are awarded scavenging tickets for various things, which allow them to look for parts in various sectors. There will be a few MMA-specific sectors to scavenge from but a lot of emphasis will be placed on sectors tailored to OMGs"

It doesn't seem too fun to have to get a ticket to explore the waste for loot unless there is some easy or renewable means by which to obtain them. So, I got to thinking about how MMA is built around players playing other games and thought maybe I could reward players with some tickets over a time period. Say, 3 tickets a day, and maybe a ticket per medal earned since last play? That way they have to wait before they can search for more loot, which will give them time to play another game--where they might earn some new medals. Thoughts?

(A jalopy chassis with a couple sawarms attached)

Also, since I've been away for a little while, I thought I would ask about OMGs (Other Medal Games), that is, are there any 'new', playable/hostable, quality games that reward players with medals besides those listed below?
Blobble (5), Death Note Online (18), Deus Rex (12), Feval (15), Final Fantasy Legacy (33), Mooseland (6), Murder Mansion (7), My Life As A Spy (13), NEStalgia (22), PathWrath2 (6), PokemonChallenger, Plunder Gnome (7), Pokemon Citrine Online (8), Regressia (7), Resident Evil (29), Scream of the Stickster Volume II: The Crayon Massacre (10), Tomb Explorer (6), TurtleTower (7), WarpWrangleAndWeep (5), and WitchesChess (24).
(The stricken titles are unplayable at the time being.)

Don't be afraid to nominate your own game. Otherwise, I'll probably be making rounds again sometime to badger good games to employ medals/find games that I've missed. I'm pretty sure ACWraith has released 2-3 new games since the last time I blogged, maybe one of them has some medals and isn't too complicated for my brain. (</joke>)

I know I mentioned in the previous post that I would discuss the nuances of combat in MMA and how they differ from the generic Arena games on BYOND but I'll be putting that off to another day since I'm still reorienting myself with the project--and as I said above, rethinking some of how things were planned to function.

I'll try to post again soon detailing some progress and ideas for peer review/discussion.

Lastly, say hi to Fatty:
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Hi Fatty. ;)
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Hi Fatty. ;)

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I'm not your minion. You're mine and DT's sex slave.

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