Thanks to subscriptions from KhaosParadox and Neblim, Casual Quest is being updated again, right after the big update yesterday. Among the changes are:
  • Keyboard settings can now be edited. Just go to the Options menu and select "Keyboard Preferences".
  • A new spectate feature has been added, so you can watch the game without being added as a player. Just choose "Spectate" from the options menu, or press F5. You can also remove yourself from spectating by using the command again.
  • Players who are inactive for an entire wave are now removed from playing and added to the spectators list, making room for other active players.
  • Regressia subscribers start with a special Hero class.
  • Several of the classes were changed slightly to improve balance. For instance, the Nomad (genie summoner) can no longer gain magic from items or other players' skills.
  • The higher waves have been rebalanced slightly. You may encounter different enemies on different waves of the same round (10 waves in a region) now.
  • All reported bugs were fixed.
  • The Menu is now visible by default, to help new players. It can still be hidden or shown via the F4 key.
  • The movement system was revised such that water now behaves differently than walls. This currently effects very few aspects of the game (such as the Warlord's chain and ball), but it will allow me to add other features in the future.
I think that takes care of all the major requests. If you think of anything else, please post a suggestion on the forum. I'm also accepting suggestions for new monsters and regions. I haven't seen Schnitzelnagler's server yet, but Zaltron has been hosting the Version 1.11 all day. Thanks again to Zaltron, KhaosParadox, and Neblim.

Remember, Subscriptions = Updates
You're one clever son of a gun.

Those perks for subscribing to the other games... genius. You should add even more perks for being a Regressia subscriber, or require F0lak to pay you some more money for perks for being a Hazordhu subscriber. That way you both benefit.

Why couldn't I think of this?
One day, I too shall have finished games to increment the awesome of. ;)
Dude, Iain. Keep doing what you're doing man. Your awesome.

- tony
Even the programmer of Hazordhu doesn't get a subscription cut, why would Iain?
Updated the server: byond://

Sorry if it lags from time to time. My brothers like to stream movies every now and again. Can't help that.
Nomad :[
Thank you Neblin for the Gift Subscription. Makes the game a lot more enjoyable. :)