With the pending release of Chatters 2.0, I figured I had best throw this out there. FlashChat is going though a full rewrite, top to bottom. Even the name will change. B-Net. I thought FlashChat was a gimicy name that only drew people in because of the flash.

B-Net will be a chat room. That is it. I feel that chatters uses way to much in the map and icon area. This will not happen in B-Net. I am still debating on an optional side bar or not. I do want to bring back flash, but it is actually the bottom rung of the priority list. I want to create a good, flexible chat system that will be just as functional on Linux and telnet as it is on windows.

Although I doubt it will beat out chatters 2.0, it will be a nice chatting environment that I hope people will enjoy.

As odd as this may sound, I plan on helping with chatters when it becomes opensourced. Hell, I might end up using it as a base for B-Net, just gutting out all the stuff I think is useless and then adding in my own smiley, emote, and link parsing systems.

What the future will hold, nobody knows.
Scoob, send me the source to Flashchat. I want to study it. :)

Pretty please?
Gladly, but the flash part was nothing special, just passing links just like html.
I see. Did you glance at my blog and the way I divised of communicating between flash and BYOND? I've never played Flashchat and the download appeared to be broked, so I wouldn't know how you did it.
Well, the mole hill I could never get over was sending information into flash. It just always stumped me. Then again, I never tryed hard on it.
I look forward to it, I liked FlashChat much more then chatters.
I use text files, Scoob. In a Fusion tech demo I got a say verb to display the text in flash in the browser tab.

Obviously with a more elaborate system you could have a better working flash chat.
Ah, I remember when you were testing FlashChat with me (Wolf01)! That was a while back, and it was kind-of fun! I'll be looking forward to testing your rewrite.
Elation, I thought of that way, but figured there was a better way of doing it. I know there is a way to make java and flash talk, and php and flash, so there has to be a way to make byond and flash talk, without constant writing to the harddrive.
:p You posted an article on about it, so I'll study that. =)
You say that Chatters uses the map too much?

You know that you can turn the map off, right? Just use /view -1. =)
I have it off, and almost always have. But they could use those CPU cycles for other things. That is a waste of cpu right there.
":p You posted an article on about it, so I'll study that. =)"

Wow, I totaly forgot about posting that, it was ages ago (02/05/04). Ya, that gives a basic idea of how I did it.