Same game again.

It will eventually be a PVP game where you make a robot by selecting parts, then fighting it out.
This is a very basic demo showing how the game will play, but is nowhere near finished.

Controls are
Arrow keys to move
Space Bar, A, S, Q, W and E to use attacks
Left click a robot to control it/see it's stats

The robots currently are...

Dark green is Big Fire.
A is a missile
S is a bazooka
Space Bar is a forwards dash
Q is a mine
W is a large missile
E is a bombardment

Light Green robot is Long Shot

A is a powerful shot
S is a weak shot.
Space bar is invisibility (cancels when you move or attack)
Q is a buff to increase ranged damage
W is a very short range attack, if the enemy is hit they are blinded.
E is a charged up shot that passes through robots.

Dark Blue is Universalis.

A is a punch.
S is a 3 round burst.
Has no space bar ability, but can double jump.
Q is a very short range hit that reduces armor.
W is a mid range hit that causes over heat (stops enemy from using attacks)
E is a buff that increases damage and speed.

Light Blue is Sky Lancer.

A is a short forwards charge attack.
S is a 3 round burst.
Space bar toggles flight mode on and off (while on you can fly around).
Q is a barrage of 3 missiles, if you're not flying they fly upwards, if you are flying they fly downwards.
W is a jump/dive attack (jump on ground, dive in air).
E is a cluster missile (travels a short distance, then splits into 8 smaller missiles)

Red is Sentinel.

A is a slash attack.
S is a melee attack that knocks the enemy back.
Space Bar is a shield that increases armor (and shield regen).
Q is a beam attack that passes through enemies.
W is an EMP attack (enemies cannot move/attack if hit).
E is a shield that makes you immune to damage.

The White robot is Blade Gash.

A is a slash attack.
S is a medium range boomerang attack.
Space Bar is a back step.
Q is a mid range hook that pulls enemies closer.
W is a self buff, it damages nearby enemies.
E is a forwards dash with very long range, enemies in the way take damage.

You'll also notice lots of other robots on the top two platforms. These are just randomized robots, they use parts from the above ones. These are just to show you what customizing a robot will be like.
Larger robot icons would be nice. In actual gameplay it would be nice to be able to tell what equipment an enemy has just by looking at them. With small icons that's hard to do.

Other than that it looks great so far.