"If one synchronized swimmer drowns, do all the rest have to drown too?"
-Steven Wright

Quote relevant.

Okay, this blog post is just a minor update on what's going on with life. First swim meet is tomorrow and coach wants me to do the 500 Freestyle. The only problem I have with this is my time is still about three to five seconds off from what I want it to be, so I'm worried over that because I don't want to be a dead weight on our first meet.

Was grounded the past week for sneaking out to see Amanda Take note- coming home at ~3:00am to a pissed off mom isn't a great experience. So the moral of this story is for the younger BYONDers- If/when you sneak out, don't come home at ridiculously late times. Especially on a school night. ):

The point of the two paragraphs above is that I would absolutely love to have one of the universal remotes from the movie, "Click". Just sayin'. /:

I've been on a hiatus from DM lately and I'm sorry. I'll pick back up on Pokémon Serenity as soon as possible and I'll make sure to inform you guys on how I do tomorrow evening. Anyway, thanks for reading! (:

-Matt "Kumorii" S.

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4 people got fucked with by the Click remote.