This CSS Does not allow boxes in the "member favorites" section to be shown, so if you plan to use this CSS, I would suggest moving your member favorites boxes over to member info, or editting this CSS.

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Going to test it now, then edit this post with my response.

Very nice. Added a small text shadow, and I like it.
Question though; what are the dimensions of the banner, so I can change it?
Great. Just Great.
I don't remember the dimentions, if you're using firefox though you can right click the image, click "View Background Image", then right click the image again and click "View Image Info". That will give you the dimentions (Not sure if it will work in other browsers, just know it does in firefox).

Also not like that text shadow you added. I never do think it looks good when it's added to every single line of text, and when it's spread so much.