Whoever wants it, just post a reply. Once I get 10 different people, I will do a random drawing. THe key is for the PC version. Also I will add that only BYOND Members are eligible. Reason being... simple. I know some people can abuse by replying with different accounts. At least members paid for their account. So... GO!
Uhm, post.
Do not pick me.
Don't count this reply towards the drawing, but I have a couple PS3 keys as well for those interested in playing it on console! So now there will be 3 winners out of the 10 participants! Get hyped!!! What I will do is make 10 slips of paper with numbers 1 - 10. Whichever 3 I pull out, are getting the keys of their choice. Only reply once, as we need 3 more to get this started!
(Don't count this, I'm just tossing a comment in about the game)

I'd definitely be game for this if my connection could handle it. My computer could probably handle it, but it would be like skiing uphill.
Post for ps3 key ;D
I don't even know if this will count at all, but you needed 3 more and I'm an optimistic fella, and noticed I would be that 10th person to reply. :P I am rather excited for this game to come out - and don't know if it's for the PC version or not, but if so that's the only I can take - I don't have ps3 yet. :/
Beta ended yesterday.