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Journalism Interview: Albro1

Interviewed by FantasieProductions

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FP: How are you doing this pleasant evening Abrol?

Albro1: Pretty decent. Things are going well. And you?

FP: Fantastic, glad to be here Albro. I'm glad we could find the time to sit here and chat.

Albro1: As am I.

FP: Now Albro, you recently began production of Bleach Online with Hulio-G, what caused you to join the project?

Albro1: Well, I was working diligently on my previous project, Bleach: A New Beginning, but I had no others working with me. I needed a pixel artist at the very least, and my many posts proved futile. I eventually was consumed with the feeling of no motivation. I started just looking over the code in boredom, fixing up the smallest things. Then an MSN window pops up, with Pmitch asking me the magic question. "Hey, would you like to join a Bleach project? The pixel artist is as good as, if not better than me." I asked him who, and he replied "Hulio-G." I had already heard about his project, but seeing as his last post was in '08, I thought it was a lost cause. This piqued my curiosity, so I investigated. After a long bit of discussion, I joined the project.

FP: Ahhh, A tragic end to most Developer's games in the making. I'm glad this story had a happy ending to a wonderful beginning.

FP: Now, as Head Programmer do you find your partners to be up to speed with you and your code?

Albro1: I really cannot say for sure. Hulio-G spent a lot of his time learning to program, so he knows some DM. The art is the thing in main demand right now, though, so I am programming while him and Gucio take over the art. Hulio-G says that I know more than him in the DM language, so it works out well. I cannot back this up for sure, as I have not seen his skills, but I trust his decision.

FP: Ahhh, a mutual relationship is what all Programmers must dream of having in their staff. Do you ever butt heads with the others about ideas or how something should be done?

Albro1: There have not been any arguments as of yet. We are all honest with each other, even if the truth does not agree with another's ideas. We respect each other's opinions, and come to a mutual agreement that fancies everyone.

FP: That's wonderful that you all have such an agreement with each other. Now may I ask what Bleach Online's current state is at? Have there been tests recently?

Albro1: There have been no official tests as of yet. It has not been very long since I have joined, and as such I have mainly been doing small work, such as fixing bugs, adding small features, and changing things here and there while I wait for the icons to be finished. I cannot say much more, but once we get enough complete, we will be releasing a demo that will show off (mainly) the combat system.

FP: I see, now can you tell me what sets Bleach Online apart from other popular Bleach games? Such as Las Noches and Bleach Eternity, what features can you tell us about that are being added to make Online stand out?

Albro1: You see, we haven't really gotten to a good point to officially say what will be in upon the release that will set it apart from the other games. For this I apologize, but we have not tested the game, I have not overlooked the documentation, so we don't know how the game "feels" and what needs to be changed.

[FB]: Ah, I understand completely how that feels. Ok, we'll move on from this subject onto something more important the Programmer behind the code. May I ask you what brought you to Byond and what has kept you here for so long?

Albro1: In all honesty, I came here last year when my brothers and I had one of this "random impulses" to play a Dragon Ball Z game. We ended up seeing Heroes United as the first choice on Google, and checked it out. That was when I first joined. As for what kept me here for so long; I had a dream(Sorry for the MLK reference, but it fits.). I wanted to create a game I could call my own, whether people liked it or not. I started studying, and through much, much trial and error, I am here today. Looking back, I personally think I have been quite successful so far.

FP: Fascinating! I love your reference by the way, more or less fits into the lifestyle of a Programmer fighting through trials and tribulations to bring a game to the front. I'm glad myself that you stayed. Now may I ask what do you do when you're not programming for Bleach Online? What games do you play or guides do you read to pass your online time on Byond?

Albro1: Well, whenever I am bored and have no work, I find some way to pass the time. I casually look over BYOND Art Society, BYOND Casual, BYOND Anime, and the Developer Forums for anything interesting. I talk to people on MSN, and spend time talking to people on other forums I visit. Every once in a while I will get the urge to open up Photoshop and make something.

FP: Hmm interesting. Now what do you do, outside of Byond? Online and Off?

Albro1: When I am not on my laptop, I am either hanging out with friends, working outside, playing with my little sister, or playing with my dog. While online, I usually do normal stuff. Check facebook, email, google random things, play games, and watch YouTube videos. Usually RayWilliamJohnson's webshow, =3.

FP: What kind of games do you play?

Albro1: Right now I have Halo(The original) Online, LemmingBall Z(A funny looking, but strangely addictive 3D sidescroller Beat-em-up;Dragon Ball Z style), ZEQ2(Another Dragon Ball Z game with nice graphics. I have not yet found out what the ZEQ stands for, but it is a pretty fun game.), and a small-space FPS called Urban Terror. I plan on removing that one, my first experience proved to be a bad one. I was in a hacked server.

FP: Oh my I see, some of those sound pretty good. I may try one soon. May I ask you, if you could be in a project with any 3 people on Byond not including yourself who would you partner with and what would be the project?

Albro1: Hmm. Out of the whole BYOND community, I think I would choose: Tiberath, Chris-g1, and Teka123. I choose Tiberath because of his programming skills and matureness, Chris-g1 because of his pixel art skills and matureness, and Teka123 because he is a real nice guy, and seems to be pretty good at what he does. Overall, I do prefer a mature team, a team that can get along, share ideas, and communicate to each other honestly. These are the key factors to being a good team, in my opinion. As for the project, I think a nice Casual game would be great. My second choice would be an RPG of some sort.

[Question Unavailable]

Albro1: In my coming years, I hope to still be a regular on BYOND. I don't see where I will be on it just yet, though. As far as I know, I could end up in the Action department, instead of the Anime/Casual I am currently in. As for "Offline", my dream future is for my business to take off, putting me back "Online" to make things. Sublime Development is what I call it. I mainly hope for Graphic Design with Photoshop, but it could go anywhere. As for a smash hit video game...I have no idea. I leave the gamer's hearts and minds to themselves; they can decide what they think when the game(s?) are released.

FP: Amazing, you have great dreams and passions. I would like to thank you Abrol for this amazing Interview you have allowed me to do.

Albro1: Thank you, I have enjoyed it.

FP: Until next time, Albro.

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Long time no speak and i'm so chuffed my names been mentioned lol.
How come FP is doing all the interviews now?
Updated. the "In the coming years" part, was labeled as FP, but it seems more like that was something Albro said, not sure....
SuperAntx wrote:
How come FP is doing all the interviews now?

He's done two, and he asked, and not many people who agreed to do some with me, got back to me (IE Khaos, but he did one with FP). It's easier to cut up work, right now I may have 2 interviews scheduled for next week. And this week I'm going to cover BYOND Weekly.
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Updated. the "In the coming years" part, was labeled as FP, but it seems more like that was something Albro said, not sure....

That is what I said.
SuperAntx wrote:
How come FP is doing all the interviews now?

And bad ones at that.
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