Exordium & Terminus

by Forum_account
Exordium & Terminus
An action-platform game based on exploration and evolution.
An action-platform game based on exploration and evolution. Explore the world as a bug. Avoid enemies while collecting evolution points to evolve your bug and expand your capabilities.

Want to make an action platform game of your own? Check out this library, it's what I used to make this game!
Needs medals
this game seems to slow down the longer I play this.. Is this just my computer or all the movement loops slowing it down?
Wow Forum_account. A very nice little game. You should defiently add more evolutions and well, add to the game XD. Strangly addicting for something so simple.
I was a big fan of this game. Then it sort of just...flopped. So, I deleted it from my favorites and gave up on it.
What do you mean it flopped?
I tried playing this, but I was receiving constant popups regarding undefined macros as a result of your sidescroller library. Let me know when this has been resolved so I can try it again.
I've never seen this happen. Have you defined your own keyboard macros?
Nope. Everything is the BYOND defaults.
I haven't heard of this issue before so I don't know what it could be. What version of BYOND are you using?

I tried again when I woke up this morning. Same thing.

Everything in-game seems to work fine, other than the popups all the time.
Ok, ill take a look at it later today. When I post the update ill let you know.
You stopped updating it, from what I see. Unless you're releasing something soon (hopefully), 'cause I really enjoyed it.
The update will come when it comes. I actually have a lot of things planned for it but I need to iron out some details and draw a lot of mob icons. I'm not an artist. The graphics look simple but a lot of time went into it.

It also doesn't help that I have several libraries that I'm trying to actively maintain. Most of them are in respectable states now so I can shift my focus back to games.

If it's any consolation, in level 2 you'll play as a robot that shoots lasers, and there's nothing cooler than that!
This game reminds me of an old 16 bit game called E.V.O. where you evolve your dinosaur and fish =] Oh I soo miss the good old days..T_T
It seemed cool, however your pixel movement library always tends to not loop correctly and I constantly find myself having to walk in one direction until I hit a wall to stop, and jumping only happens either a couple seconds after I press the corresponding key or if I am stopped by a wall.

So I played until I got to the area with platforms, and was stopped for obvious reasons, lol
Beautiful and fluid a fresh welcome on Byond
Very addictive game! My son thoroughly enjoyed playing this. Looking forward to your next creation.
You should remove the file menu and add a hotkey for changing the view size. Should probably also start in small mode so the icons aren't all stretched out and fuzzy by default.

Also, the UP key should probably work as an alternate jump key. It would be a lot easier to time jumps if platforms paused for a second when changing directions.
SuperAntx wrote:
You should remove the file menu...

I have no idea why I bothered to use a menu at all. Consider this done.

Also, the UP key should probably work as an alternate jump key.

I'm not sure if all keyboards will have this problem, but if you hold left and right then press up, pressing up won't be detected. I switched the jump key to avoid this, but I can easily have either key make you jump.

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