by SuperAntx
Take part in an epic battle over a colored piece of cloth.
Sorry for the long wait, there were a few really tough bugs to fix in this version. After a week of testing I'm fairly confident I was able to isolate the problems and deal with them. Hopefully players will no longer get stuck waiting to spawn.

Another issue I noticed at the very last second was actually related to the previous update. Apparently people using shotguns were abusing the fact they weren't getting a movement speed reduction when crouched. Since the shotgun has a low rate of fire it's easy to crouch-shoot while chasing someone. Crouch-shooting would allow them to run faster than if they were receiving the movement speed reduction, leaving their victims without much room to maneuver. Because of this shotgun users will now receive their movement speed reduction regardless of whether or not they're crouching.

After collecting a lot of data on weapon usage patterns and taking in some player feedback, I've altered a few of the armory prices. During some matches it wasn't uncommon to see every single person using an Assault Rifle. In my opinion this caused the game to become a bit stale, so these changes should offer players with some more variety. The DMR has had a slight damage increase and the price has dropped dramatically. Frag grenades also cost a bit more in order to make people think twice about lobbing them out like candy.

There were various other changes which can be read in the full patch notes here
I am major user of the shotgun, and never knew about this bug!
It wasn't really a bug, it was more of a design oversight from a change I made in the last patch.