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Tonight's Casual Quest update [1.14] includes the normal balancing and bug fixing, along with a couple features that had been requested, such as a starting bonus chooser for players who have multiple starting bonuses.

The big feature, however, is the new scoring system. Players are now rewarded, at the end of every wave, for each monster killed, for the wave number, and for the wave boss (if there was one). Enemies will also sometimes drops coins; pick these up for extra points. You can then check out these scores on the hub.

Two quick notes about scores:
1 - Any point that's gained is gained by every player who survives to the end of the wave. Personally killing more, or picking up coins, will not make your score higher than someone else who is also currently playing. So work with your team-members, and you'll all get a high score.
2 - Scores are currently capped at wave 100 (though you can continue playing as far as you want) until the new monsters for waves after 100 are finished.

In other news, the hub could use some good screenshots that better represent what the game is like. I've added the standard F2 and Shift+F2 macros for saving screenshots of the game. If you see anything worth saving, just press Shift+F2 and CQ will automatically save a screen capture for you, without interrupting your game. If you get anything good, email them to me at iainperegrine [at], and I'll put them on the hub. Thanks!

This update was the result of support from subscribers who get access to extra 16 powerful classes, for a total of 31 possible classes. Subscribe today and help make future updates possible, or because you're hopelessly addicted to the game, and want to finally have access to those tier 3 classes.
Make sure you let us know when you'll be taking custom class requests again. Me and a few other players were planning on making a CQ guild and we all wanted customs that had similar outfits so we could look cool.

[Edit] Woah, found a major bug. Details on the forum.
Pause for single player coming soon?
I usually can't find a server that I can move smoothly on, so I play alone but don't have the time to sit for hours trying to get all the medals. I do love the game though and good luck with everything.
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Mikau wrote:
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