Note to all:apparently my msn has been blocked for some reason,currently trying to resolve the problem,as my country cannot receive the verification text message(which i think is stupid.)This is mainly to inform people that i am alive.

This is so frustrating...
wow that is stupid
So what exactly is wrong? You can't log on to MSN?
Wait a day or two and retry
its been weeks,i looked it up and found that my msn was blocked,kinda suprised too since this is the first time something like this has happened.

at first i thought it was my network crapping out it.
This happened to me a loooooong time ago. I suggest just making a new msn.
I had the same problem: Kisioj?command=view_post&post=100468

I sent them a message and described what my problem is, then they unblocked my account.

Don't make a new MSN , just like other says. It's no needed.
why not use a buddy's phone #?
IcewarriorX wrote:
why not use a buddy's phone #?

If you did that, some day in the future that buddy could get your MSN account easly.
Hey Zane, someone hacked your account because it sends spam now, already got 2 spams from you. I can sue you for spamming and wasting my day!(jk :P)

Make a new one and tell them to delete the old one. Change your pass everyone now and then.