If I go, then you shall know I am doing something great somewhere else.
That's a shame. You have the only decent Pokemon game on BYOND, afterall.
Aye, 'tis a shame.
I enjoyed Pokemon : Online World and Harvest Moon : Life on the Farm.
Damn it!!
I was hoping you would continue that Hex Island, i crave for it.

You will surely be missed.

Until another time, Once you have made your millions Good luck.
Aw, no! Why are you leaving, with the two best games on BYOND left behind? (By that, I mean HM:LotF and POW)

If you're leaving BYOND permanently, consider passing on the source to someone so that the game doesn't have to die. The game itself is amazing, but as I've said before, it lacks contents and updates.

Worst case scenario, auction it. xD

EDIT: Pokemon Online World, that is. never played your other games.
I just started this game and its gone not fair great game though
Can you atleast tell us why?