My server has been down again for about two days now. I sent in a support ticket, which hasn't been responded to yet, and I haven't seen Airjoe on the pager the past few days, so I don't know what to do. Not entirely sure if there are multiple people who run the show, hence this blog post to hopefully get their attention, if they do exist. If so, please get in contact with me.



This is basically a copy/paste of my last blog entry. I'm hoping someone who can actually get in contact with Airjoe will point him to this. Seems like this is happening a lot lately.
Hm, Yeah, I would help, but sadly we're still waiting on our new provider to give us the sufficient account for us (ATP Host) to make the leap from our current (crappy) provider to our new (Seems Great) provider. Once this account is in motion, I'd be able to control your server just as much as Airjoe can.

If I see him on AIM, I'll be sure to point him in this direction.
Thank you very much. My players and I both look forward to the provider change, as I feel the current one brings down what I know is a respectable effort.
Hey There-
I sincerely apologize. A few days ago our provider cut off seven of our servers without any prior notification . I am currently finalizing our account with our new provider and will be providing some means to make this up to everyone who got screwed in the past two months, and its unfortunately quite a list. I will likely be offering either one free month of hosting or 3 months at half price. I really am sorry for all this trouble, to you and to everyone else- I started ATP Host to be an affordable, reliable hosting solution for BYOND and the coupling of my busy academic life plus a terrible provider really messed things up. Our new provider gives a lot more control to the end user, so it won't matter if I'm not around during a busy week of classes or such.

Unfortunately, the worst thing here is that your data is gone. Any savefiles or game configs are not recoverable. When we set up with our new provider I will be looking into offering automatic backups of your hostgames directory so that if something like this ever happens again, we will at least still have the data.

I apologize again and, if you're willing, will work with you to make it right.
What? The data is gone again?
Also, how long do you think it'll be until things are settled and available with the new provider? Curious at how long of a downtime I'm looking at.
Yes the data is gone, and as for the time we're looking at to get settled with the new provider, we're hoping to be getting an account confirmed with them by the start of the following week. (They do not work on weekends)
Just to clarify what Qubic said: Tech support of course works on weekends, but their sales team does not. I believe we'll be all set up Monday or Tuesday and I'll have a server running for you first thing.
Hello Devourer of Souls

can you please fix the "bandwith" error when I download Mitadake High? because it says you have exceeded your bandwith, and I can't download Mitadake High at all.. thank you.
i can host a server till monday if needed
So much for Tuesday... :/
Don't know if you remember me from a few years ago. I used to GM for you. Anyway, sorry for posting this here but I have no other way of contacting you. One of your GMs banned me from SL because I told them to leave me alone. I didn't break any rules, meta-game or anything. I'd like to continue playing, so.... If you could get back at me I'd appreciate it. Also, I have insanely fast internet so if you ever need a host just let me know.
I didn't know where else to reach you about this, but if you want, i can host SL anytime it crashes.
Hmm..first time I've seen SL crash, i'm fairly new to your games and I must say I love them, especially the ability to RP freely without impeding the game experience, to few games like that out there.
I hope to see it up and running soon and maybe even see your character running around (but your probably busy) the community grows every day.
Hey Devourer of Souls i want you to ban Vincentus from Mitadake High he alway bans me for no reason and treats other online players like dirt including me. He even always calls me a retard and says I'm going to the USA and kill this retard to me and he also says that none cares, plus he does care and so does everyone else they care too. He even gets me in trouble on others servers for dumb reason and says that he to me that i'm attention hoard. In fact he a attention hoard! I beg you to ban him forever from Mitadake High ,because I getting bullied so much I feel I'm going to kill myself. Do you want that to happen to me can you ban people forever from Mitadake High. If you can. Then i beg to please ban him noow. He is now hosting a server of his own on Mitadake High right now.
Jesus Darkzero, if I ran a server for this game I would ban you too.
I'm not mean its that the player named Vicentus who plays MH is a pain in the as the whole time an i think he should be banned from all servers on MH
Haters deleting my comment /walks-away-while-drinking-his-daily-haterade-bottle.
Lol ATP was a hosting service which has long since ceased to exist I use the panel from ATP for my server hosting service now :)