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V2.0 is officially released!

And I'm disappointed ...

there has been nothing but complaints about this update. Not for bugs, but for lack of update. What you do not realise (even though we stated it numerous times) is that this is a FULL RECODE. FULL RECODE. All code deleted and remade from scratch.

Yes, there are less maps, yes, some features are gone, but some features that were impossible in the old code is all set up and in some cases already added. The only factor why we didn't add more yet is because you wanted it out asap. Everything not in v2.0 will be in the eventual v2.1.

I was hoping this release statement would be a better one. The entire team worked their butts off for this release and the thanks we get is minimal.

As for the comment on the Joker icon: it's certainly NOT ripped. Eviler made this and Eternal Destruction finished it. So those who say it's ripped and looks gay: it's not and joker is pretty camp in the comics.

Stuff like this make it less fun for us to make it. The lack of donations also prove this fact. As of this, the 24/7 server will be down next week (due to not able to pay for it) and hosting will once again be in the hands of abusive hosts.

As previously stated, I'm upset this release statement has to be like this.
:( screw the haters and abusive hosts sigh
What game is this for? lol
I'd still love to know why you would talk about the update of a game but not display the games name in the post nor a link to it.
It's called Critism get used to it, it is BYOND. If they don't say their opinions you will never fix the game.
Its ignorant criticism, because most poeple critisize without know the full details. Any regular person would say "This whole time you've been updating and barely came out with anything." which is ignorant because they didn't know, or had the time to find out why.
I've never thought for a moment that this update isn't much of an update. Frankly, I don't think anyone has - people just got into the mood of criticizing for the good of the game.

Maybe you can consider providing a list of things you've updated, or a list of advantages from recoding. That should convince anyone stupid enough to think you didn't do anything.

By the way, I have a few ideas and suggestions and shits and giggles. Where should I post them?
all suggestions go to the forum :)

The game is called Sunday The 19th (see left of page, in about us). It's currently our only game and probably will be our only game, since you can keep adding cool stuff to it.