Casual Quest

by IainPeregrine
A fast paced, casual, multi player action game with a little RPG touch
Keywords: casual_quest

Edit: Update 1.17 fixes a bug that wasn't allowing some users to join. See below for the 1.16 update info.

My casual wave defense game Casual Quest has been updated, fixing some bugs and balance issues, and adding some big features:
  • Four new tier 3 classes have been added to fill the only four slots left for new classes. This should make changing from one tier 3 class to another much easier.
  • Two new boss level enemies were added, and many regions' enemies were reblananced, making all regions similarly difficult in higher waves.
  • As per many requests, projectiles can now collect items. Now you can reach that coin stuck in the wall.
  • There is now a Pause feature (Shift+P). The game can only be paused once per wave, and only by a player, but can be unpaused by anyone logged into the server.
  • A window icon was added, for a more polished look.
  • Scores have been fixed, so you will no longer loose a high score by playing again. The hub password has been changed to prevent scores from being lost from other versions of the game.
  • Druids have a new skill (seeking magic projectile), and their fireball skill costs half as much. Hopefully druids will be more useful now.
  • Revived players now retain the aura level they had when they died. Now nomads won't loose wishes because they died.
  • Several maps were changed to avoid "forced deaths".
  • Several enemies were changed to use less sprites, reducing lag.
  • And other minor fixes.
This takes care of all major requests (except for the continual requests to add more classes). We've seen a big drop in hosted servers in the last week, and in subscriptions. Anyone got an idle connection they wouldn't mind donating?
Glad to see the update.
I'll try to host a server. Hope you guys don't mind a shit ton of lag.
Haha man the Dervish is like crack, despite feeling a little weak.

It feels like a downgrade from Nomad, despite being higher tiered.