Yash 69

Nov 25th, 2004

People of Impact:

  • Nick231 - He remade a terribly programmed game into what is the late Zeta. Most of you haven't played it but it included many unique techniques, quests, guild war/bases, and unique items from killing various enemys

Meaningful Experiences:

  • Programming - Learned to program because I wanted a game. Made a Naruto/DBZ rip then ended up reprogramming every aspect of it. Eventually, I scrapped the entire project and decided in 2008 to make a DBZ game called Dragonball Z Sagas Unleashed as a hobby.

Virtues and Beliefs

  • There is no one way to do something, there are many, easier, shorter, and efficient ways :P You just have to find all 3 and make it work.

BYOND Likes:

  • Vast majorities of a games and developers that help the community get where they need to go

BYOND Dislikes:

  • You know who you are!

Aphorism's to Live By:


Why Are You Here:

  • I have time to kill and BYOND is the exterminator.