Hmm this is a bit of a rant about the whole film...

firstly, I find the whole thing super cliché towards star-wars but that's not what made me laugh. The main creator guy; Mr Flynn... err wt.f? the guy was definitely stoned throughout the film? quote your messing up my Zen mode mann unquote .. seriously? lol; also tron who the f is he? the damn thing is called tron and we see this guy what 3 times? fail in that department.

The only good thing about the film was cora or coral.. well the remaining iso.. she looked liked something id love to unzip.. and later on mount to my hard drive, excuse the innuendo/(PG)

Side note: as a developer..well i think I am(ish) I was thinking how could a game be made on this.. I've seen a few mainly concerning the grid; but I was thinking bigger picture..

(a). each mob=a new program?
(b). cycles=rounds where they face each other
(bi). if you lose you either restart or join the evil guys with 50% boost.. meh

anyway I have lost interest here.. would be cool if someone made a tron game on byond. id play.
I Quite liked Tron Legacy, Also Star wars and Tron where made literally a few years apart, so maybe theres some influence from one to another, i think the film continued the first better than i expected to be honest, and yeah Flyns Zen mode was very stoner mode lol, But i thought that was quite funny he has been doing that zen mode for a good 20 years lol

Yeah the Grid game would be a good idea, it'd kind of be like snake which a lot of people used to play on their mobiles except u can turn the trail behind you on and off when you want lol, Also Disk wars could be made to like each character has a blast they can throw and it bounces back if it hits anything besides the other person etc.
Tron looks really stupid to me. It looks like someone was trying too hard to make original looking costumes or something. They look like a bunch of bootleg Power Rangers.
lol well besides the 2nd film, What did you guys think of the first tron back in 80's?,
I remember first seeing it back in the 90's was pretty unique in its time lol
You sound like you haven't seen the original, Rapmaster. Maybe that would help you understand some of it such as who Tron is. It might also help you appreciate the movie -- if you can get past how terrible the original is by today's standards. I rather enjoyed the movie a lot, personally.
Yea i gathered from tekkas comment that the i should watch the first movie to understand it abit better. Its on my wish list for transmission :)
The original Tron was actually a pretty bad movie. It's best to think of the franchise as a pop-up book. You're there for the neat concept and cool visuals rather than the story itself.
SuperAntx wrote:
The original Tron was actually a pretty bad movie. It's best to think of the franchise as a pop-up book. You're there for the neat concept and cool visuals rather than the story itself.

Yeah, that's really how you have to look at the original when you're watching it. Back then, that was like the coolest effects you could think of. The plot isn't all that great at all, it was basically a demonstration of how awesome their visuals could be.
Yeah I thought Tron: Legacy was pretty damn good, and by the way look at the name. The movies called Tron: Legacy 'cos it's the legacy of Tron, meaning what happened to him after the future and how he'll sacrifice himself for good. Though the best part about the movie was the Sound Track made by Daft Punk, and the scene when they are in the party room and Zues(David Bowie?) says, "We need something more upbeat, derezzed(Actual song name)! Electrify 'em boys!!!" And you see Daft Punk in their original helmets ina booth mixing and DJing and drop this awesome House(Type of Electronica music) song and every start killing eachother lol