Here's what may be the last big update to Casual Quest, as this brings the game up to the way I originally envisioned it. So, what's included?:

A new region with new enemies and a new boss.

Scoring continues to wave 200.

That's pretty much it, but I don't want to give away the surprise about that new region. Good luck getting to wave 150.

Don't have a gift for that special someone? At only $5, Regressia is the perfect way to say "At least I got you something". Not sure they'd like a single player RPG? Then get them a subscription to Casual Quest for only $5. Got nothing to do over the Christmas break (if you're young enough to get one)? Get yourself a subscription, and give yourself yet another excuse not to leave your cave and greet the relatives.

And when you give gift subscriptions, you can cross two people off your list! ...You were going to get me something, right?
Up to 200. Fantastic.
Tried to get a subscription to Casual Quest, but Redbox charged me for late fees from a couple months ago without me knowing. So now I've got to wait for the banks to be open again after Christmas to put money in.

Congratulations on getting the game where you want it to be. That's a great feeling.