So today I went to Gamestop and I bought Epic Mickey, Kirby's Epic yarn, and Sonic Colors. It was so epic how the employee put the games in the bag. Then I went home and in the most epic way possible, I turned my Wii on. All three games are EPIC!

^ For realz. Why do so many Wii games of 2010 deal with the word "Epic"? Even in Sonic Colors the word epic is used. It's epicly annoying IMO. Why not use another word like Proper, or Freeesh. Freeesh Mickey, and Kirby's Proper Yarn. <-- Shits prper. Onto my second piece of blog. Do any of you own those 3 games? Did you beat them? Do you hate them? Are they awesome? Tell me so I'm not epicly disappointed. This way I'll know what to expect. Then again Wii's for fags who play children's card games. That's all I wanted to say. Now get the hell off my blog.


Edit: Nay this post, Epic is epicly fail.
Who YEA'd? Nay people. Epic is a horrible word.
I yea'd because I love you Dino. <3
Kumorii wrote:
I yea'd because I love you Dino. <3

D: </3
Epic Mickey sucks ass.
It bothers me that I feel obligated to point out that I mean epic in the actual, Homeric sense of the word.