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dude i just got banned on your server for non rping when i did and rp and was killing yonbie please unban me xovalentino is a nub ass admin
Yo.....7 People got fucked over by one person who is abusing a bug. The two keep swapping people's brains with NPC spiders, and it prevents us from remaking. The two who keep doing this are Nat McFat Back. And Muffintray. Any who has "BodyofSpider1" is a victim.
Well, Just a little note to those who have an issue with me, Please talk to me.. As for being banned I've mass unbanned at the beginning of the wipe and acutely haven't banned anyone as far but like i said any issues with Finale please consult me.
wat is rp
loser get a life
I would like that shell server i already have my team ready just one more person to add if he gets better.
yo ex, if it was you who banned me from hosting i would like your valid reason to why you did it
My server was recently banned for packet discrimination while I was not aware that this was a rule I recognize the fact that ignorance is no excuse to break any rule.. Though I think it's a little extreme that I am permanently banned from hosting because of this without any warning.

Many people enjoyed playing my server we had hundreds of saves of other people's characters and Im sure they will miss hours of their work i know I do

Note that I have learned from my mistake and will not let it happen again if my ban were to be repealed

thank you =]
Im wondering why im banned from the Dragon Universe forums and from tens shoutbox thing
And can you do something about people attacking my server every 5 minutes? 11jacobt is 1 of the attackers
Hmm....Exgen, I would like to ask you if it would be possible for you to repeal the ban on me for hosting Lizard Sphere X.
Over 30 people enjoyed my server, but I agree that I was the dumbfuck that let people abuse admin, and i ALSO agree that it was my fault for giving my friend by byond account information, and him logging in and abusing. If you have any intentions of removing my ban, please page this Key, or my Alt key, Renix66.
host banned lol
Exgen, I would like you to ban Jin Cao from hosting, I went on his server and was teleportd to and killed by admin. He also abuses a gravity bugg and has a 3000+ gravity. YOu can even check logs on his server. Thank you
I'm still banned from forums. Its been over 4 months. Can I be unbanned?
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