Allen14 wrote:
I have enjoyed supporting Byond since I have joined, but a small question irks me
how hard is it and is it possible right now for byond to be coded on the android platform?

At it's current state- near impossible.
BYOND hardly has a stable version for Mac or Linux.
If the flash client releases, it will be playable via site on android versions 2.2+
IcewarriorX wrote:
If the flash client releases, it will be playable via site on android versions 2.2+

Hmm..My phone is about to get the Froyo update soon anyways..
This update won't be released for a few months? :( Fixed.png?t=1293498573

Now, though you may be wondering:
Wtf, why did he remove the Ads box?

Well, I believe that if you show confidence as in: We don't need no ads for money, we GOT money!
Then newcomers will think "Wow, BYOND is so freaking legit that it doesn't need ads, this is definitely worth investing time into if the developers are practically RIDING Membership money!"

It will also provide the site with tons of space for extra things such as: a hit counter, a chat so that newcomers can keep in touch with each other:

"Guest 1: dude, this site is so freaking legit, I cnt wait 2 make an account!
Guest 2(Secretly an Admin): y not make one now?
Guest 1: i wanna talk 2 my friends guest 3 and 4.
Guest 3: hi
Guest 4: yeah besides we dont know how to make games so were gonna wait until there's a free tutorial guide or something
Guest 2: oh well go to <insert tutorial link> and it teaches u how i tihnk
Guest 4: yea in a sec let us finish talking.
With all the extra space, and legitimacy there's room for thought and there will be additional cash flow.

(If you've reached this part of the post there's no need to read on)

As for the less important change, it's to keep newcomers from being let down by lack originality
Site Chat-rooms...Sound legit.
Nobody really wants chat rooms listed on the front of your site, for any website, there will always be people who are childish and can't spell worth crap.

As for disabling advertisements just for confidence, that is just pure idiotic. There are very popular websites that get tons of money rolling in that still use advertisements, way more than what BYOND makes.

Why would Tom disable ads for even hit counters, they tend to record reoccurring users, users with dynamic ip address would be an example.

Disabling ads is a very unwise decision. Are your ideas intended to hurt BYOND, Jamckell? They sure seem like it. If that's the case, please stop bumping your comment.
Neblim wrote:
There's plenty of large free sites that don't even bother with ads and they to this day still exist...

Like Google, right? Oh wait...

Reddit? Digg? Facebook? Right...

Oh yeah, Kongregate! Nope, they have ads too...

IGN, Kotaku... ads...

... So, which large free sites don't even bother with ads and for how long have they been around?

Nightmare3 wrote:
Will currently hub pages go through any scrutiny as the update is released? Do you have to hold BYOND membership in order to keep your hub page public or is it a one time payment sort of thing?

I *believe* that once you submit a game as a member (and it is approved), it will remain in the hub listings even after your membership expires.
The ads in the new layout aren't in the way of anything like the current ones are.

I see no problem, Neblim.
Neblim wrote:
--could list more, want me?--

Just think if Byond was a collaborative project like these...maybe it wouldn't be so broke?

Granted, some of these sites still have ads through their mirror download links, but hey, at least it's not as annoying than seeing it on the front page.

Like I said though, I could care less about the ads either way. It's just that the fact Byond is "broke"...get real. It makes more money on memberships than it does on ads...

Just through their mirror links? You better look again. Ads are everywhere on sourceforge.
Galactic Soldier wrote:
This update won't be released for a few months? :(

The site update will be very soon. The Flash will take a few months.
The problem is: those projects are not BYOND. They have either major financial backers (Ubuntu- Mark Shuttleworth), an actual business model (commercial licensing and support), and/or very little expenditures (lol gimp).

Ads are a necessity for many websites. It makes projects sustainable (and for many, profitable). BYOND isn't going to get anywhere by selling commercial support, nor is it led by someone worth $225 million. Understand this very simply: BYOND gives the product away for free, but still pays to develop it.

As a proponent of BYOND opening up the source, I don't see it cutting costs anytime in the near future because Tom still needs to pay Lummox to get most things done. That's not to say there aren't other benefits, but it isn't a solution to getting rid of ads.
thumbs up to the work thus far! :)
digitalmouse wrote:
thumbs up to the work thus far! :)

i never realized mice had thumbs
I wonder if there will be a difference in what BYOND can do with flash player as opposed to what it can do in dream seeker, since flash player's speed varies different computers
Maybe the Creation section of the forums will be used more often again (as a way to advertise new creations like in the past). I haven't used such forums in about 4-5 years (though I still post in the other sections).

When I read the post, I assumed that you can still create hub entries. They'll just act like hidden entries (but still accessible) until the link to the hub is advertised or shown in different places.

Here's an example of a hidden entry from my old game for an old contest (a flop of course):
The new BYOND will detach a lot of people from the community, which isn't a bad idea. BYOND + Flash,heh resources will be easier to decompile..

A web game player would be awesome by the way, might be impossible however.
Question: My Game is a rip but I have done many changes to it, so it is different to the other DBZ Games.

Can I still keep the game up?
SinMaster1996 wrote:
Question: My Game is a rip but I have done many changes to it, so it is different to the other DBZ Games.

Can I still keep the game up?

Yes, though some people around here won't like it at all. I personally don't really care.
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