Keywords: alpha, crawler, dungeon, game, test
I've got inspiration from flash game I played, and though I'll be nice to make something similar on BYOND. Spent only one day on this project, so don't expect much. Monster icons were ripped from some free resource (forgot which one).

Dungeon is kind of dungeon crawler game. Currently, aim of game is to simply reach last floor. However there will be monsters in your way, you have fight them, as well as leveling your team.

Download link

  1. This is your team, you begin with 2 units (3 different classes for now), and get extra one every 5 floors (up to 8 units).
  2. On the right side you can see list of floors you own, zero is the lobby, which you currently see, and "1" is first floor with monsters.
  3. After pressing on "1" you'll see first floor, it's randomly generated so everyone will have different ones. As arrow shows, your team will appear in green door, and must reach blue door in order to get to next level, either leave dungeon. Now you have to build the path, clicking on block will buy it, if you click on path, you sell it for half price, and it becomes into dense block again.
  4. Personally I built this path, maybe not most efficient one, but I tried to cover all monsters.
  5. If you have enough hold left you can Buy next floor. Currently there's 32 floors in total. And eventually they start getting bigger.
  6. Once you are ready, press Start to send your team into the dungeon. Depending on unit level, they won't always start on floor 1, if level will be too low - they'll leave dungeon. If unit dies - it's gone, you get new one who'll be Level 1.

Any bugs, suggestions, comments?

If it'll seem like game crashed, press "D" to check for errors.
Lige wrote:
I was able to buy floor 10, however on floor 9 I was unable to find the exit. Screenshot

Are you sure it's not behind buttons? You can use arrow keys to move map. If it's not - then I'm hella surprised what went wrong.
Off topic, sorry. Lige, get on MSN!

On topic, I honestly had no idea what was going on in the game. Nothing made sense, and I just had to sit there pressing start and stop, watching white blobs walk back and forth.
Lige wrote:
I was able to buy floor 10, however on floor 9 I was unable to find the exit. Screenshot

I tried to reproduce situation when doors appear behind a button, appear button covers exactly 32 pixels from top, so it's not visible.
Couldnt figure out how to lay down floor so I could move. Nothing i clicked would produce a path.
Very nice game ;)