Since I'm still on break from school, I decided I'd dedicate this week to programming activity seeing as I've been slacking as of late. With that said, Ultra Strife testing was so so, not a steaming pile of failure but indeed a farcry from overwhelming success. I did however pick up on some more bugs that could use fixing though...(yay gamebreaking errors!) So with that, I'll be fixing it up as well as contemplating the start of a new project heh..I was tempted to blog about it but considering the infamous Quote of the Day I'll keep the "hype" and etc down for for a while. The idea itself isn't quite unique but basically it would revolve around betting the outcomes of fights; don't know what genre you would classify it but hey, it's still an idea at this stage.

P.S. Would there so happen to be any ongoing contests still taking place? What better excuse to eek out a bit more programming on my part..
The BYOND Cartridge Classic II had its deadline extended to February 1st. =)