Shaun and I have been working on Edreoll. We have a lot of the concepts finished. Now it's down to coding and graphics.

I'm also in need of music and sounds, as both of us are lacking in those departments. I'm sure I could make something with MIDI if I took the time to learn to use Music Masterworks.

As for sounds, I'm gonna have to look for some sounds on a free sound website. Not much else I can do there.

I love the contrast - very nice
Looking good!
Love the look. Is Magus Aora - Edreoll the game's official name? I like Edreoll by itself lol =D.
Edit: Maybe you should look into not saving files on the host computer, that way if a host wants to move to another server he/she doesn't have to worry about deleting other peoples save files. That aspect alone, if not fixed, would prevent me from wanting to play the game. I would hate to be extremely far and my save file be destroyed just because the host wants to start over.
@ Ketchup: I was thinking of a way to save characters "verbatim" to a file using my own parser. Its design would look similar to XML.

Edit: Magus Aora is the series Edreoll is from. Edreoll is the name of this game.