Poll: What Race/Classes should be in before the first test?

Ayakashi* 13% (2)
Ayakashi Majiri* 6% (1)
Demon Tamer* 6% (1)
Ability User * 33% (5)
Exorcist 13% (2)
Spirits 13% (2)
Majinaishi 6% (1)
Puppet Soldier* 6% (1)

The polls are now closed.

Winners: Ability User and Exorcist(since the vote was tied i choose).

Well since i'm coming to a point where i can stop working on the Kekkaishi class and start on another one, i was wondering what other classes/races you guys would want to see in before the first test. I planed on having at least two or three of them in for the first test, also if the classes/races is marked with a * said class has multiple sub divisions so i will probably do about 2 for those. One last thing this will probably choose the order in which i work on the classes/races for the game.
Well, I'm sorry for going off-topic, and by all means delete my post if you wish to. I won't harbour any ill feelings, but I'd like to ask something that's been bugging me for a while now:

Looking up on Kekkaishi, why are you basing a game on this Anime?

It wouldn't take any extra effort to produce exactly the same game without imposing on copyright laws, by basing your game on Feudal Japan and all that fun Japanese folklore that Kekkaishi's plot derives from.

If the game is released, you would also have the support of BYOND and your game could even get featured on the front page. It seems much wiser to create your own original production instead of adapting it from a series that's mostly based off of Japanese mythology anyway.

It reminds me of a BYOND game I tried out recently, it was based off of Samurai Champloo. For those of you that don't know, Samurai Champloo is an Anime that is set in the Ero period, and it practically has nothing that would make it any different from what Edo was actually like. No green eyed, golden haired superheroes, supernatural monsters, massive fireball techniques, etc. In this game you could literally switch out its title for an original one, and you now have an original game in your hands. It's confusing as to why yourself and a number of people would want to sacrifice a range of benefits that come with making an original game opposed to a fangame (legal safety, making money, etc), when the series you wish to base it off of isn't very unique in its own right
I agree 100% with Khaos.
My reason for basing the game on this anime is because i took a liking to it the first time i saw it on adult swim. I also consider this more of a hobby then me actually trying to be game developer so personally i care less about it being on the front page of byond. Last i promised myself to release at least one game before i quit byond and Kekkaishi was in my mind at that time. I already thought about the amout of players that i would get after the byond update, even if i'm stuck with a small amount like ten to one players i'll still work on this game until it's finished in my eyes.
Wow i didnt expect Ability Users & Spirits to lead the poll at this point.
I'll leave this open until tuesday.
whats ability user i mean like everyone picking this and prolly don't even know what it is and what the ayakashi majiri is that like gen
Yes Gen is an Ayakashi Majiri meaning half Ayakashi. Ability user's are 100% human and have special powers that no one else has and could have ben mistaken for an Ayakashi in human skin or Ayakashi Majiri if you didnt know about them.
ayakashi should have won XD
only two classes go be in for first test Exorcist and Kekkaishi